New York State College of Ceramics: Studio Resource

Visual Companions

Fusion Buttons 2016

Visual Companion for Cushing's Handbook 2018 Cone 10 Glazes

Visual Companion for Cushing’s Handbook 2019 Cone 6 Glazes

Visual Companion for Cushing’s Handbook 2019 Cone 04 Glazes

Glaze Color Development with Single Oxide/Carbonates

Other Resources

On this page you can find resources for different processes within the medium of clay and material calculators that will download onto your computer that you can open with excel and use.

Colorant Blends

Clay Body Colorants and Percentages  

Engobe Colorants and Percentages

Tape Casting

Button Tests

Stick-Up Slip

Defloculating Clay for Slip Casting


Excel Calculators  

Quartz Calculator Calculates the quartz remaining after firing: Created by Bill Carty

UMF/Line Blend Generator is a template for line blends between two components: Created by Anton Reijnders 

Quadraxial Blend Generator helps you create quadraxial blends between four components : Created by Anton Reijnders

Percentage to UMF translator  aids in the conversion between percentage to UMF: Created by Anton Reijnders


Digital Models

Dry Crack Resistance Mold .stl model of a dry crack resistance mold from The Ceramic Process