New York State College of Ceramics: Studio Resource

Visual Companions

Fusion Buttons 2016

Visual Companion for Cushing's Handbook 2018 Cone 10 Glazes

Visual Companion for Cushing’s Handbook 2019 Cone 6 Glazes

Visual Companion for Cushing’s Handbook 2019 Cone 04 Glazes

Glaze Color Development with Single Oxide/Carbonates


Tailoring Glazes for Application

Colorant Blends

Clay Body Colorants and Percentages  

Engobe Colorants and Percentages

Tape Casting

Button Tests

Stick-Up Slip

Defloculating Clay for Slip Casting


Excel Calculators  

Quartz Calculator Calculates the quartz remaining after firing: Created by Bill Carty

UMF/Line Blend Generator is a template for line blends between two components: Created by Anton Reijnders 

Quadraxial Blend Generator helps you create quadraxial blends between four components : Created by Anton Reijnders

Percentage to UMF translator  aids in the conversion between percentage to UMF: Created by Anton Reijnders


Digital Models

Dry Crack Resistance Mold .stl model of a dry crack resistance mold from The Ceramic Process